Community Pedagogists

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Renee Coughlin

I work with a group of preschool children and their educators as part of London Bridge Child Care Services. I am interested in establishing meaningful rituals where stories, ideas, materials, memories and spaces work collectively to shape how we come together. I am inspired to reimagine group learning beyond the linear continuum of development and rigid routines.

Joanne Neeb

Joanne Neeb, RECE working on pilot project at the John Sweeney location of RisingOaks in Kitchener. I would like to think with the interest of relations as a pedagogist – what they are and how they impact all individuals within Early Learning.

Emma Prudom

I will be supporting educators at the EarlyON Child and Family Centre at Lambton College in Sarnia and Lambton County. I am interested in noticing what discourses live within the relations at this centre and inviting educators into a conversation where we can trouble these stories that make certain ways of living and thinking impossible, while creating space to attend to alternative relationalities that can exist in our work.

Dominique-Ann Boisvert

In my project, I will be working alongside educators and supervisors from the Centre Éducatif Quatre Saisons, located in Eastern Ontario. They are a small French-speaking center with infants to school age children. As a pedagogist, I am interested in thinking with the idea of being in relations with people, places and their identities and how they inform each other. What happens when we reconceptualize our stories? Dans le projet, je travaillerai aux côtés d’éducateurs et de superviseurs du Centre Éducatif Quatre Saisons, situé dans l’Est de l’Ontario. Il s’agit d’un centre Francophone qui ont des enfants de l’âge poupons jusqu’à scolaire. En tant que pédagogiste, je suis intéressé à penser avec l’idée d’être en relation avec les personnes, les lieux et leurs identités et la façon dont ils s’informent les uns aux autres. Qu’est-ce qui se produit lorsqu’on reconceptualise nos histoires?

Denise Sharpe

My name is Denise Sharpe and I am the supervisor at RisingOaks early Learning- Lincoln Rd. The location where I will be completing my pilot project is the Lincoln location of RisingOaks Early Learning Ontario located in Waterloo. As a pedagogist I am most interested in the idea of childhood developmentalism. I have been thinking a lot about what we as educators could imagine if we didn’t measure children’s outcomes according to developmental standards.

Joanne Brault

My name is Joanne Brault and I will be working on my pilot project with SunRise & Shine Childcare Centre. I will be thinking with relational pedagogy – in particular relationships over academics with the idea of education and teaching in the 21st century and the historical lens of child development that surrounds it alongside the dominant narrative of early childhood education.

Dawn Barnes

Hi! I’m Dawn Barnes. I’m an Early Learning Coordinator working in the City of Kawartha Lakes. For the Pedagogist Network Piolet Project I will be working with My TotSpot. Something that I would like to think of as a Pedagogist is how educators see their role in the lives of the children in their care.

Dominique Leger

Dominique works with educators at an EarlyOn Child and Family Centre in Prescott & Russell as they engage in critical reflexive practice. As a pedagogical coordinator she is committed to studying what it means to enact educational practices founded on “relationality” while entangled with humanism in a changing world.

Shannon Datars

I work alongside children and educators in a Family Grouping program at London Bridge Childcare Services. I am interested in rethinking the ways in which we enter in to conversation and engagements with both the children and various materials that surround us. Deconstructing our prescribed ways of thinking and understanding both the human and non-human relations that have been deeply rooted within us as individuals and within our practices.

Lisa Taylor

Having worked in Early Childhood for over 15 years, Lisa is passionate and committed in “becoming” a pedagogist. She is looking forward collaborating with the Sunflower School in Orangeville Ontario to consider the many pedagogical possibilities. Lisa is committed to the attunement of listening and nurturing lively collaborative and critical ecologies.

Kristine Parson

The location where I will be completing my pilot project is the St. Brigid location of Rising Oaks Early Learning Ontario located in Ayr. As a pedagogist I am most interested in the idea of childhood developmentalism. That is the perspective that all children will undergo a similar pattern of development. What might be possible if we think beyond this perspective and consider all the layers and experiences of the individual child.

Tonya Millsap

I am working with a small community of early years educators who work in EarlyON Child and Family Programs and Licensed Child Care. My desire is to think critically with others of the institutions of oppression in relations with children.

Megan Haas

I am Megan Haas and I currently work for a multi service agency in the Home Child Care Program and have been doing my Pilot Project with one of our Home Child Care Providers. I am interested in seeing how Child Development is woven throughout Home Child Care Programs and what other ways of thinking are possible when developing multi age programs.

Danielle Wittick

My pilot project is happening at NYAD Midland, which offers services for infant, toddler and preschool programs. I will be working with the toddler and preschool staff since these are two cohorts that are mixed together. As a pedagogist I am thinking with the idea of what kind of relations we want to sustain? As early childhood educators do we see relations as an important component to our work, or is it just superficial.

Ann Wilke

As a pedagogist, I really want to think with relations in the context of micro-moments of day to day engagement as life making; staying attentive and committed to particular matters that move us toward more livable futures.

Jeff Bushell

I will be working with St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School in Hamilton, Ontario. In my role as a Pedagogist, I have been thinking of what it means to be in relation and how we impact the environments, humans and more than humans in the spaces we are in relation with.

Shelley Marui

My name is Shelley Marui. My pilot project will be working in collaboration with North Lambton Childcare Centre – EarlyON Child & Family Centre. I am curious to unpack relationality in the context of EarlyON. Thinking about the many forms of relationships between educators and families, with parents and children, between the parents themselves, the connection to materials and the environment itself.