Becoming a Pedagogist and Co-creating Pedagogical Processes

This online conversation was an introduction to what a pedagogist does, and invited pedagogists and educators from British Columbia who engage in this pedagogical practice to speak on their experiences. Over two hours they engaged with many questions and ideas, including:

  • The process of becoming a pedagogist, and its tensions, difficulties, beauty;
  • How the process of becoming a pedagogist is an act of co-creating a pedagogical experience (with the situated place you work within – relating to educators, more-than-human others, politics, place, ethics, children, families, precarities);
  • The need to reconfigure and co-invent pedagogical processes so vibrant curriculum making becomes possible;
  • The need to subtract taken-for-granted practices, ideas, and habits from thinking to open up toward re-invigorated practices;
  • Pedagogical commitments and what they do, and the hard work of activating these commitments and standing for something

This panel conversation, moderated by Dr. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw (Faculty of University of Western Ontario), featured:

  • Dr. Bo Sun Kim (Faculty at Capilano University and Pedagogist with Simon Fraser University Childcare Society)
  • Narda Nelson (Pedagogist with University of Victoria Childcare Services)
  • Dongryun Kim (Educator with Simon Fraser University Childcare Society)
  • Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck (Educator with University of Victoria Childcare Services).

In this following clip, Dr. Bo Sun Kim and Narda Nelson speak about the radical dialogue needed to live in question and enact collective pedagogical commitments to keep possibilities open.